Hikaru Genji
12 November 2012 @ 08:42 pm
I guess everyone was "Elisabeth-ed" out because of the 2012 revival with Annemieke van Dam and Mark Seibert methinks or that musical/Takarazuka fandom talking headquarters moved to Tumblr now.

Look at all my favorite Deaths together! From left to right: Haruno Sumire (2002), Ichiro Maki (1996) and Shizuki Asato (1998)

More Pictures (mainly Ichiro) )

That's all I'm going to share. Oh, did I mentioned that there will be a DVD of this? ;)
Hikaru Genji
28 June 2012 @ 03:35 pm
I've been Zuka-ed out since forever but I want to draw all of your attention to this. :D

Look at all my favorite OGs! :) They're going to do the Elisabeth OG ,gala concert. :)

Love, love, love! :)

I'm also happy that Teru is Top Star of Soragumi and is going to perform a musical adaptation of the Anime "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"! :D There's also a nice poster too! :)
Hikaru Genji


Look at that~ It's gorgeous! Lady Osa and Lady Asako looks lovely. Máté actually looks good in that costume. Much better than Yamaguchi and Shirota Yuu IMO. Reminds me of his classic days from the Hungarian production. :)

This is going to be good.
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Hikaru Genji
It's finally happening! My wish came true! This is definitely a sign...Osa is Elisabeth! :D

Photo under the cut )

*edit* CLIP! CLIP! Watch at 0:39 - 1:16 and 1:36-2:09 ! :) All is good! :)
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Hikaru Genji
02 May 2011 @ 10:49 pm
I'm rather curious: is Kitarou the new Nibante of Yukigumi? Since she was Tybalt in "Romeo & Juliette" this year, I'm curious as it's a Nibante role. Also, OCEAN'S ELEVEN is a Zuka production XD! I can't wait for that one :). Now I'm hoping "Star Wars" or "Labyrinth" in the near future.

Since Elisabeth is having it's 20th Anniversary in Vienna, chances are there will be a Takarazuka filled performance of this show (funny as it was supposed to be this year since it's 15 years since the original 1996 production).
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Hikaru Genji
In order to keep this blog alive I would love to ask something here: is there a show that you cherish forever? Could it be that one special show you saw once either on DVD or live? If so what was it? How did it impact your love for Takarazuka and that one special Sienne or OG (ex-Takarasiennes)? For me, that one special show will forever be "Elisabeth '02" because it is the one show that made me fell in love with my favorite shining star Haruno Sumire. It was that very show that made me love Takarazuka and it's special to me for that, especially after 5 years. I'm amazed how much time flies and it still feels like yesterday that I've watched this show.

Hopefully I'll get to hear some really good answers :)
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