Hikaru Genji
12 November 2012 @ 08:42 pm
I guess everyone was "Elisabeth-ed" out because of the 2012 revival with Annemieke van Dam and Mark Seibert methinks or that musical/Takarazuka fandom talking headquarters moved to Tumblr now.

Look at all my favorite Deaths together! From left to right: Haruno Sumire (2002), Ichiro Maki (1996) and Shizuki Asato (1998)

More Pictures (mainly Ichiro) )

That's all I'm going to share. Oh, did I mentioned that there will be a DVD of this? ;)
Hikaru Genji
28 June 2012 @ 03:35 pm
I've been Zuka-ed out since forever but I want to draw all of your attention to this. :D

Look at all my favorite OGs! :) They're going to do the Elisabeth OG ,gala concert. :)

Love, love, love! :)

I'm also happy that Teru is Top Star of Soragumi and is going to perform a musical adaptation of the Anime "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"! :D There's also a nice poster too! :)
Hikaru Genji
05 March 2012 @ 04:03 pm
Touko (Aran Kei) in Sunset Boulevard?! Why wasn't I informed this? :o

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Though I would have loved Asami Rei or Ichiro Maki in the role of Norma Desmond, I know that Touko will be fantastic, ♥. *edit* Ohh there's also a Yumiko too! :D She looks lovely as always. ♥ I think she's going to play the role of Betty Schaefer.
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Hikaru Genji


Look at that~ It's gorgeous! Lady Osa and Lady Asako looks lovely. Máté actually looks good in that costume. Much better than Yamaguchi and Shirota Yuu IMO. Reminds me of his classic days from the Hungarian production. :)

This is going to be good.
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Hikaru Genji
15 February 2011 @ 07:00 pm

Wow, she's still got it ♥ This woman is amazing. Maya Miki's awesome. Everyone should see more Miki ♥
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Hikaru Genji
I've missed this news ; w ;

My favorite Star (Haruno Sumire for those who are curious or to the newcomers on my DW here), is performing an OG show with Shizuki Asato (♥), Ootori Ran (♥), Hatsukaze Jun (♥), Ootori Rei (♥), Aran Kei (♥), Asaji Saki (♥) and Mori Keiaki (♥) to name a few :).

Awww look at her, she's very beautiful and very elegant :D! I really am crossing my fingers that this performance will be taped for posterity because it looks like it's going to be good :).

Osa~ ♥
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