19 December 2009 @ 03:52 pm
Self Introduction
Wow, I can't believe it, ^__^

Once again I have to begin anew.:

I've became a fan along with my sister around 2005-06-ish(my memory is fuzzy), and it was around the time there was a site called "Sugar and Spice Cosplay" which featured wonderful Zuka cosplay plus various information on Zuka. Of course me being the Theatre buff that I am, it was love at first sight. Plus I was going through some rough time via my life so I needed an escape(and still now I rely on Zuka for escape).

Then it was the time during my Foreign Musicals obsession that I've listened to Szabó P. Szilveszter and Ichiro Maki(former Top Star of Snow Troupe), singing a song called "Ai to Shi no Rondo" and thought it was the most prettiest song ever(especially their voices and that duet in general).

My actual fandom life didn't sank in till 2006 during the whole Youtube Boom™ when me and my sister saw clips of Haruno Sumire from the Flower Troupe "Elisabeth" and that's what started the obsession. That's what started my love for Osa(Haruno Sumire's nickname), though at the same time I was in love with Ichiro Maki too.

Do you know my sister is also responsible for making me love Maya Miki too? She showed me clips from "Speakeasy"(the Polly/Macheath wedding scenes and the Jenny/Macheath scenes), and I was enthralled by the wonder that is Miki, ♥

I love Haruno Sumire a lot. She's retired since 2007 but has gained success as a solo artist and a Theatre actress in shows like "Marguerite" and "Funny Girl".

Flower Troupe (Hanagumi) is my favorite, but as of these days, I'm really into Cosmos (Soragumi).

The username comes from the character Hikaru Genji from The Tale of Genji in which was adapted for Takarazuka and performed twice by Flower Troupe: one in 2000 and one in 2007