hikaru_genji: Aran Kei/Toono Asuka (Touko/Asuka Pimpernel Romance)
Hikaru Genji ([personal profile] hikaru_genji) wrote on August 15th, 2013 at 09:15 pm
Quietly Sneaks In Here
I haven't been talking about Zuka lately because I haven't been having the same feelings as I did back when I've first started joining back in 2006 and all my favorites being OGs now, however, I've been sneakily looking at Ouki Kaname's Soragumi career and I must say that I am impressed . Then again, I'm always impressed with everything Teru's done. Why mention Teru you ask? Because I saw this on my tumblr dash, I just had to share this cool "Gone with the Wind" poster:

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